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Video Interview Tips

Job Seekers


Tips for Video Interviews

Learn all about how job seekers can get the most out of first impression videos by reading our tips for video interviews.

How to Prepare for an Online Interview

Video interview practice can help you show your true personality and character. Learn how to prepare for an online interview.

How to Write a Video Job Interview Script

Think about deciding whether or not to write a video job interview script, and how to do it if you do.

Video Interview Checklist

Creating a video interview checklist may help you prepare for your upcoming interview. Learn about some quick video interview tips.

Video Interview Background Tips

Make sure your video interview background is not ruining your chances of landing that new job. Here are our video interview background tips!

Video Interviewing – As Simple as Taking a Selfie

Most people who find video interviewing daunting have no problem Snapchatting or posting selfies on Instagram. Video interviewing is just as easy!




Video Interview Questions

Video interview questions should aim to show a candidate’s personality or demonstrate critical thinking skills. The best questions reveal both.

Questions to Ask in a Video Interview

When determining the questions to ask in a video interview, you first need to determine what qualities you’re seeking in the candidate.

Employer Video Interview FAQ’s

Employers, get the answers to your frequently asked questions regarding video interviews and the video interviewing process.