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Raw Juce Case Study

Raw Juce is a cold-pressed, organic juice bar that offers smoothies, acai bowls, salads, breakfast oatmeal and desserts to guests who want to come hang out or grab and go at one of our 9 locations in South Florida. We hire candidates who are passionate about educating our guests about nutrition with a positive, warm personality. Raw Juce primarily uses Acrew to find candidates for our entry-level, front of house positions.

Why Raw Juce decided to incorporate videos in our Interview Process

Raw Juce’s leaders consistently reported to HR that they had difficulty identifying if a candidate would be a fit for a position based solely on a resume or application. To identify if a candidate was a fit, our leaders would invite several candidates to interview in-person spending about 20 minutes with each candidate, which was a time-consuming process. Raw Juce saw video interviews as a way of removing these barriers for our leaders and decided to incorporate video interviews into our recruiting process to screen a candidate’s personality before inviting them to an in-person interview. Now that we use videos, our leaders can easily view videos online or on their phone for about 2 minutes before the in-person interview. Instead of interviewing 10 people for 20 minutes each, our leaders now watch 10 videos in less than 20 minutes total, significantly reducing the amount of time we spend interviewing.

How our Human Resources team got Raw Juce on board with Acrew

1. Preview Acrew with leaders to get buy-in on the tool and its advantages
2. Created job postings for each location on our Acrew profile
3. Brainstormed video interview questions with leaders and selected the best three questions
4. Held a training with all leaders on how to use Acrew
5. Invited each leader to access our Acrew profile to manage their specific candidates
6. Set-up an automatic email that invites all applicants to complete a video through our ATS

The steps in our recruiting process

1. Candidate applies online via our ATS
2. Candidate receives an automatic email to complete a video on our Acrew profile
3. Candidate completes and submits video application on Acrew
4. Leaders view videos and determine if candidate is a fit
5. If a fit, leader invites candidate for an in-person interview
6. If successful, leader offers candidate a position

Acrew has saved our leaders a significant amount of time interviewing, which has made them more efficient recruiters and leaders. Since time is money, we’ve also improved our cost per hire and hope to see a reduction in turnover.


I would recommend Acrew. In fact, I already have! Once you start watching videos of your candidates, you will see how Acrew can improve and streamline your process. Videos allow our leaders at Raw Juce to determine quickly if someone is a position fit, so they can spend their valuable time on other aspects of their role.

Lindsey Stephens
Director of Human Resources
Raw Juce