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Leah’s Pralines Case Study

Leah’s Pralines, located in the French Quarter, has been making and selling candy for well over 70 years. They are a small, family owned and operated shop, where everything is handmade. Leah’s makes pralines, brittles, artisanal chocolates, dessert sauces, frosted pecans, and much more. While in their store, the smell of candy fills the air, and you can’t help but sample one of their pralines.

Why Leah’s Pralines needed help recruiting

Leah’s Pralines is the definition of a small business, with only five to six employees in total. They have one manager in charge of hiring, on top of everything else that they have to do on a daily basis. Historically, posting open positions on the standard job boards would yield extremely large quantities of applicants. For instance, Craigslist and Indeed provide an overwhelming amount of resume submissions. Many of these resumes all look the same, or very similar, with few distinguishing features. Not only that, but the manager has very little time to read through all the submissions, which made recruiting very stressful. Due to time constraints, Leah’s used to hire the first person that came in for an interview, and usually that person would end up not working out in the short-term, resulting in the need to recruit again.

How Leah’s Pralines implemented Acrew as part of their new process

Leah’s Pralines still posts to the notable job boards like Indeed and Craigslist, but when applicants submit resumes, they request all candidates to send a video. This extra screening step helps in several ways:

  1. Only the applicants that are serious about working at Leah’s Pralines take the time to submit a video.
  2. The videos clearly help differentiate the candidates personality, character, and abilities.
  3. Watching 1-2 minute unique videos is much more productive than skimming resumes that all look the same.

Leah’s Pralines only hires several times per year, and though the amount of time spent recruiting with Acrew is similar to their previous process, the efficiency of that time spent has improved tremendously. Leah’s has hired four employees through Acrew so far and plans to continue screening with video in the future.


Acrew narrows the applicants down to the group that cares enough to submit a video. It provides better quality candidates due to the motivation to submit a video for the job. Acrew helps weed out the people who mass apply to every job from those that actually want to work with us. I don’t think I’ll ever go through another hiring process without Acrew.

Suzie Stokes
Leah’s Pralines