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Educate Now! Case Study

Educate Now! Is dedicated to the effective and sustainable reform of New Orleans Public Schools. The organization’s mission is carried out by providing current, comprehensive information on New Orleans public education results, policy, and advocating for decentralized quality public schools for all students in the City. Guiding principles include: quality schools; public school choice and equitable distribution of resources; and sound financial operations.

Why Educate Now! decided to partner with Acrew

Educate Now! offers an internship program called YouthForce in the Fall and Summer. They work with many schools in the Greater New Orleans area and receive a large amount of applications every session. Sifting through all of those applications can be time consuming and learning who an applicant is just through words on paper can be tough. Acrew works with Educate Now! to alleviate this problem. Acrew offers the screening service, as part of the application, to aid in the evaluation of the most qualified students for the Fall and Summer internship program

Why YouthForce uses Acrew

YouthForce Nola uses Acrew because we want to provide a real-world job application experience for our students. Given that many employers (and some colleges) are now using Acrew or other platforms to require a video interview, we want our students to familiarize themselves with the process.

How YouthForce uses Acrew

YouthForce Nola uses Acrew to assist with our YouthForce Internship (YFI) application process. Students are required to submit a video interview via Acrew as part of their YFI application. The Acrew videos are reviewed as part of the scoring process to determine acceptance into the YFI program. The video comprises a component of the student’s overall score.


We are excited about our partnership with Acrew because we have been able to scale our program as Acrew itself has grown as a company. We have greatly appreciated the high level of customer service provided by Acrew. The videos provided by Acrew allow us to better see and understand a student’s personality. In particular, we use the video to gauge a student’s motivation level, openness to growth, and enthusiasm for YouthForce Internships. I would recommend Acrew to other programs as well. In fact, we have referred Acrew to several partner organizations.

Melissa Ehlinger
Vice President
Educate Now! YouthForce NOLA