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Raw Juce

“I would recommend Acrew. In fact, I already have! Once you start watching videos of your candidates, you will see how Acrew can improve and streamline your process. Videos allow our leaders at Raw Juce to determine quickly if someone is a position fit, so they can spend their valuable time on other aspects of their role.”

– Lindsey Stephens, Director of Human Resources

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Citizens Trust Bank

“We enjoy working with the Acrew team. The team provides awesome customer service. The Acrew web-based employment system is easy to use and has allowed us to increase our candidate pool with qualified candidates. In addition, we like the pre-screening video service, it has enhanced our overall recruiting process.”

– Wanda F. Nesbit, Senior Vice President


Educate Now!

“We are excited about our partnership with Acrew because we have been able to scale our program as Acrew itself has grown as a company. We have greatly appreciated the high level of customer service provided by Acrew. The videos provided by Acrew allow us to better see and understand a student’s personality. In particular, we use the video to gauge a student’s motivation level, openness to growth, and enthusiasm for YouthForce Internships.”

– Melissa Ehlinger, Vice President

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Leah’s Pralines

“Acrew narrows the applicants down to the group that cares enough to submit a video. It provides better quality candidates due to the motivation to submit a video for the job. Acrew helps weed out the people that mass apply to every job from those that actually want to work with us. I don’t think I’ll ever go through another hiring process without Acrew.

– Suzie Stokes, Manager

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