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Employer Video Interview FAQ’s


What is a video job interview?

Video interviewing is a way for employers to see an applicant’s personality earlier in the recruiting process than in traditional hiring practices. With the ability to see how candidates present themselves, recruiters and hiring managers are able to make better decisions and spend less time filling positions with higher quality employees.


What is a video screen interview?

Video screening is synonymous with video interviewing. It is a tool used by employers during the hiring process to determine whether applicants should continue through the recruiting pipeline. Video is often a better option than phone screening due to the ability to see a candidate’s personality and the way they present themselves.


What is a one way video interview?

A one way video interview is a form of employment screening where candidates record themselves answering interview questions at the request of the employer. This form of video interviewing is usually quicker and more efficient in comparison to live, two way video interview conversations.


What is an on demand video interview?

An on demand video interview is just another way to describe a recorded, one way video interview. The on demand description comes from the fact that employers can view the video interviews on their own time instead of needing to schedule or coordinate a live interview.


How do the video interviews work?

Video interviews are really simple to use. Employers, when creating a job description, craft a set of questions that they would like applicants to answer. When the job is posted, those questions are included with the description. Then, when candidates apply to the position, they are prompted to answer the questions by recording their responses on video.


How long is a video interview?

The length of a video interview varies depending on the video interview platform. Here at Acrew, our video interviews are 2 minutes long. We believe in first impressions and the ability to see a candidate’s personality within the first few minutes. Also, by keeping videos brief, employers can review more applicants in a shorter period of time.