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Video Interviewing: Simple as Taking a Selfie

Written By: Mary-Devon Dupuy

If there’s one thing we’ve learned at Acrew, it’s that video interviewing is way easier than it sounds. Yet, many people, including me at first, are afraid to send a video of themselves to a potential employer, despite how comfortable we are with recording ourselves in everyday life.

Most people who find the term “video interviewing” daunting have no problem Facetiming, Snapchatting, or posting videos of themselves on Facebook. Believe it or not, but video interviewing is just as easy as posting aphoto on Instagram.

How do I do a video interview?

Doing a video interview is as easy as taking a selfie or using social media. An employer provides questions for the job that you are interested in, and you have several minutes to record your responses via any device (smart phone, tablet, or computer). When complete, you can review your video and submit when satisfied.

Employers choose a couple interview questions, and candidates can then answer them at their leisure. No one asks questions from the other end of the screen, they don’t pop-out live at any time, and there is no one watching as you record. It’s simply you and your phone (or tablet, laptop, etc.) recording together until you’re satisfied enough to send your video to the employer. Don’t like the first take? Try again until you get it right.

To prove to you just how easy it is, here’s an example of me recording a video interview:



In the example, I’m answering these common interview questions for a restaurant position:

  1. Why do you want to become part of our team?
  2. Why would you make an excellent employee?

Okay, so it may not be the video I end up submitting, but you get the idea. Let me tell you a little more about what to expect.

How to do a video interview

Once you find a job you’re interested in, simply click on the post, read through the description and the interview questions, and begin preparing your answers. You don’t need to organize a set date and time, because the interviews are on-demand, not live. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, a quiet space to record, and a few minutes to spare.

The questions are also provided below the video screen, so take as long as you need before you begin recording to organize your answers in your head. Most of the questions are pretty simple, and unlike in-person interviews, you have as many do-overs as you want. Once you submit your video, you can’t re-record. However, there’s no reason to submit before you’re ready because you have unlimited chances!

Keep in mind that most employers want to see your personality and how you present yourself more than worrying about getting the answer to the question 100% correct. Just relax and be yourself!

Mary-Devon Dupuy is First Impression Liason for Acrew and a local comedian in New Orleans.

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