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Questions to Ask in a Video Interview

Written By: Mary-Devon Dupuy

Video interviewing is a great tool for recruiters to save time screening candidates, but knowing what to ask can be difficult for those who are new to the process. Asking the right interview questions that reveal character is critical for employers who want to see personality and get to know candidates beyond their resumes. Video interview questions should focus on the job in question, the applicant’s character, and how compatible candidates are with the culture of a specific work environment.

When determining the questions to ask in a video interview, you first need to determine what qualities you’re seeking in the candidate. For instance, are you looking for someone outgoing and well suited for customer service, or someone who is content to work alone at a desk for hours on end? Also, does the job require certifications or experience in a specific field? If so, asking candidates to speak about their relevant experience and qualifications can really shine a light on whether the applicant is telling the whole truth; it’s easier to exaggerate relevant experience on a resume than it is to talk about it on a video. In general, online video interview questions should get to the crux of a candidate’s personality by being open-ended, instead of looking for simple yes or no answers – there’s no personality in that!

Common Video Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about your previous experience in this role. Can you elaborate on how your experience makes you the right candidate for this position?
  2. What would you do in this situation? <outline a common workplace circumstance>
  3. Tell us what you know about our company and what excites you about the potential to work with us.

There are a few more tips we should mention. Once you’ve asked a candidate about their previous work experience and gotten a feel for their personality, make sure that they seem enthusiastic about the position and the company in general. If they can’t show some enthusiasm for the interview process, then that should be a red flag.

Also, does the role require general technology skills? Sometimes, the video quality itself can tell employers a lot about a candidate’s comfort level with technology. If there is no audio because they didn’t check their microphone, or if their face is half off the screen, they may not be the right fit.

Video interview questions and answers give employers face time without having to coordinate schedules. Since videos are on-demand, and not live, candidates have time to craft answers and practice. If the answers are not well formulated and thought-out, you’ll know the applicant didn’t take the appropriate amount of time to prepare.

Be targeted and creative when asking questions for a video interview. However, don’t stress about leaving something out in the question writing process. A good candidate will elaborate a bit and tell you the information you’re looking for regardless of how you ask for it. Keep in mind that you can update your questions at any time, so if the first few candidate videos don’t seem to touch on what you are looking for, feel free to tweak them.

Mary-Devon Dupuy is First Impression Liason for Acrew and a local comedian in New Orleans.

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