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How to Write a Video Interview Script for a Job Interview

Written By: Mary-Devon Dupuy


Hello again! It’s Mary-Devon with Acrew, and today I want to talk about something we do all the time, deciding whether or not to write a video interview script for a job interview, and how to do it if you do

Video interviews should be treated like regular interviews in many ways. Job seekers should never read from a piece of paper when recording. Be yourself! But if you know how to write a video interview script properly, it can serve as a way to organize your thoughts before recording.

How to write a video script for your next interview

Your video resume script should be something you practice before you start recording. Either write out bullet points of topics you want to cover and practice fleshing it out as you go, or write out full paragraphs to get all your thoughts together in a cohesive way. However, make sure not to memorize it like an actor in a play, or you’ll sound robotic.

Did you use a script when you recorded your video interview? Do you have an interview script example you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments!

Mary-Devon Dupuy is First Impression Liason for Acrew and a local comedian in New Orleans.

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