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Tips for Video Interviews

Written By: Mary-Devon Dupuy



I’m Mary-Devon with Acrew, and today I want to talk about how job seekers can get the most out of first impression videos.

Acrew has ditched the resume, allowing job seekers to get immediate face-time with hiring managers. Here are a few tips for video interviews to keep in mind:

  1. Prepare. Think about what you want to say before you begin. Don’t read off a page when you record.
  2. Be energetic. Whether you’re applying at the ground level or a seasoned professional, employers want to feel like you’re excited to work.
  3. Dress well.  Even if the jobs you’re applying to are very casual, make sure you look well put together.
  4. Look at the camera. When you look into the camera of your phone or computer, it feels like you’re making eye contact.
  5. Be Yourself.  Highlight your strengths and be confident in yourself.

Thanks so much for listening!

Mary-Devon Dupuy is First Impression Liason for Acrew.

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