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Employer Branding Best Practices


What is HR branding, and what is the importance of employer branding? If you were to look up the word brand in the dictionary it would say something along the lines of “kind, grade, or make, as indicated by a stamp, trademark.” But in the world of employer branding and recruitment, what specifically does that mean?

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


Most businesses in 2017 are making diversity and inclusion in the workplace one of their top priorities. Regardless of one’s individual stance on the importance of multicultural work environments, it is undeniable that “straight white males” are the most visible group in the highest paying fields.

How to Help Managers Make the Final Hiring Decision


Most people are familiar with the frustrations of hiring, at least from the perspective of an eager applicant. Getting funneled quickly through the first steps of the hiring process -- the phone or video interview, the in-person interview, the background check, the reference calling -- only to receive radio silence, is maddening.

Drinking at Work: How to Manage an Alcohol at Work Policy


Unlike their stoic boomer and Gen X predecessors, millennial workers prioritize work-life balance over salary, or company loyalty. Flexible schedules are one solution that employers have used to attract and retain millennial talent, but there is a level of face-time for any employee to thrive within a company’s culture. In order to encourage modern workers to stay in their offices, many companies have brought back some retro, Mad Men-esque management tactics -- beer fridges and office cocktail hours.

How to Create a Positive Culture in the Workplace


Culture has to happen organically, whether it’s in a city’s streets or its offices. Human resources departments focus a lot on how to create a positive work culture for their employees, and HR policies alone can do a lot to shape professional environments. However, a lot of creating a positive work culture has to do with the people who are working, and their values, goals, and communication styles have to come together in a way that encourages growth and cooperation, rather than unhealthy competition and division.

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